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Our Edge

We aim to make SMS marketing as simple and intuitive as possible by providing an end to end platform that covers all aspects needed to launch
and manage successful SMS marketing campaigns.


How it’s done

Open Communication Marketplace

Through our Open Communication Marketplace dozens of communication providers bid for your campaigns ensuring lowest prices with highest delivery

Optimization Engine

Using our robust real time engine a proprietary scoring algorithm split tests and learns how to make your campaigns convert better

Results Oriented Approach

On average your campaign effectiveness will increase by 500% and cost reduced by 30%.

Unique Features

Open Communication MarketPlace (OCM)
The OCM will split test 40+ different SMS communication providers generating the best route for you.
Advance List Management
Easily clean, analyze and segment your customer base while keeping everyone happy.
Advanced Analytics
Using our powerful real-time analytics engine, you'll deliver your campaign on the optimal data sets.
Robust Infrastructure
IT Cloud infrastructure and distributed delivery routes will let you scale your campaigns indefinitely.
Mobile Marketing Gurus
With years of marketing experience on the most competitive online markets, we deliver.
API Integration
Advanced API capabilities allow you to empower your application on-top of our platform.
Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Pay only for texts you send while we make sure it's the cheapest price for the highest delivery

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